POP Seminars Session Two, September 2019

The second session of POP seminars were designed as flexible opportunities appropriate for prospective candidates who were already fully engaged in work or community service. The weekly Zoom meetings included participants from around British Columbia.

All participants were also encouraged to attend Council Meetings and consultation processes as well as engage in self study on relevant topics.

Many highlights of Session Two were caught on video:

Bradley ShendeCandy Ho | Kareem Allam | Judy Rogers | Michael Stephen | Mike Wilson | Natalya Brodie | Richard Walton | Yuen Pau Woo

POP recognises that formal classroom learning has important but limited value in understanding the politics of elected governance. This is a subject that is best learned from the experiences of practitioners. For this reason the Seminars had some formal teaching but were mostly insights and case studies from those who have experienced elected governance first hand.